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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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I take  a practical cognitive behavioral approach to help my clients learn to understand their symptoms and manage their condition so they may optimally function emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically in order to achieve their goals.  LEARN MORE


Treatment for Adults with OCD

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Treatment in anxiety disorders, especially OCD, in Adults, children and adolescents.  Located in Alpharetta, GA.


High School Students Academic Perfectionism Students Adolescents

The teen years are often full of stressors that can trigger an episode of anxiety or depression.  These are also the years when conditions such as Social Anxiety, OCD,  Generalized Anxiety, and Tourettes often begin.  Identifying and treating these conditions early can make a significant difference in the quality of life one experiences as they age. Treatment often utilizes technology and real-world exposures to allow teens to participate in treatment in a way that fits 
their schedules and addresses their very individualized needs.  Many times being able to laugh and express your most irrational thinking to someone who "gets it" offers much needed relief.  I believe my job is to help you overcome the things in your life that are getting in your way and to allow you to make the choice about what the focus of our therapy needs to be. 


Children kids schoolChildhood is a key time for growth and development that can be impaired by anxious thinking and phobias.  Anxiety can interfere with the ability to concentrate and can also make it tempting to avoid new situations.   Separation anxiety in particular can make children want to avoid new opportunities and situations for learning. OCD often begins in childhood and can
contribute to social discomfort, adhering to rigid routines, frustration and inappropriate emotional outbursts.  Much of helping children with anxiety issues involves teaching parents how to help their children utilize management skills.